Testimonials From Happy IFA Clients

I will give a more detailed testimony in the near future. I was more recently in a situation where I was setup by witches of evil to have my children put into protective custody with relatives.

This was a person whom I thought was in my life to help me, it turned out this person had no interest in truly helping me, it was more about this person harming me and my children.

I had dreams which were warnings to me from my ancestors letting me know trouble would rise but I and my children are protected.

I was introduced to Priest Awolowo Oranmiyan Ifatooki by Zamora. I explained to Priest Awolowo what my experiences had been up until being introduced to him.

Priest Awolowo assisted me by giving sacrifice and offerings.

I received a phone call yesterday letting me know that the false case that had been open against me has now been closed out.

I give thanks to Olodumare and the Orisha for moving on I and my children’s behalf.

I also give thanks to Priest Awolowo for being very genuinely concerned about our situation and helping us as well as training me.

Olodumare is real, the Orisha is real! We living being must continue to let our light shine even in darkness.

How do we do this? By staying true to who we really are! I choose to “LOVE” Love is power, Olodumare placed me here for a reason and a purpose and it is my duty and my job to carry out my destiny by putting in work.

Queen M.

Ifa Beautiful lady and her daughter enjoying happy moment during Ifa live lecture
Ifa Beautiful lady and her daughter enjoying happy moment during Ifa live lecture

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If you need assistance in any area of your life Priest Awolowo along with the Orisa can help you! Priest Awolowo is authentic, and honest. This is why I chose, and continue to choose him as my Baba. There is “MUCH POWER IN THE ORISA” ASEOOOO

Laquita Cooper.

Ifa divination chain
Ifa divination chain

Ifa community Priest Awolowo Oranmiyan Ifatooki is one of the most amazing people I ever met this guy is Father,a brother and a friend with wisdom , he is unbelievable we talked for hours on every level from love, sex, family, God and ancient ancestors. Get to know this brother, he is one in a lifetime

Barry S Brooks

Ifa Oracle happy clients

About Ask IFA Oracle

I met baba through social media back in 2015. Over the course of the past 3 years he has become my personal baba. His readings are on phenomenal and whenever I need some insight or confirmation through the ancestors he is able to bring me just that. He is not only a reader but an herbalist as well and has the ability to make herbal products that heal and talismans that work. He is definitely authentic in his work and I highly recommend him. Not to mention his genuine sincerity in what he does. I am honored and humbled to have him apart of my journey and making plans to study under him in the coming future

Crystal Yakubu

Ifa Oracle happy clients

This is one of the best priest to help you with whatever you need.

Shamba Musa Mohammed

Ifa Oracle happy clients from Dubai
Ifa Oracle happy clients from Dubai


I came from Switzerland for the first time to connect with IFA and it was an unforgettable moment of happiness and my life was transformed forever.

Tanjah Medocca

Ifa Oracle happy clients
Ifa Oracle happy clients

I was lucky to meet this wonderful IFA Priest whose divination and charms have helped me to get my child, earn so much and live a fulfilled life.

Shanice Rochford

ifa happy clients
ifa happy clients

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From UK to Nigeria just to have a destiny transforming initiation into IFA society, I am now a full fledged member and ever since then my whole life has been better off.

Michelle W.

I have been working with Baba for a little under a year. We started off rocky and I found myself questioning if he and I were a good fit.

Needless to say I have found my spiritual partner.

His guidance has led me to another spiritual plateau.

His understanding nature helping me to see clearer.

Do yourself a favor and get one reading…you will see!

from Seychelles doyley(USA)  

Ifa Oracle happy clients