INITIATION is the way, route, path, procedures and steps of self-acquaintance with one’s guardian Angel (Orisa).

Orisa; literally “head guardians”, who are considered as ministers of Olodumare(God) and intermediaries between Olodumare(God) and humanity.

InItiation of an American Woman into Osun Cult
InItiation of a Switzerland Woman into Osun
Charms and spiritual materials

The Orisas

Orunmila/ifa=god of divinity

Ogun= god of iron

Sango=god of thunder and lightning

Oya=goddess of the wind

Yemoja, the goddess of all rivers.

Osun=River goddess

Obatala=god of wisdom

Esu Odara=god of justice

Orisa oko





Sopona, the divinity associated with smallpox.

Initiation activities

Charms and spiritual materials

What Are The Benefits Of Initiation

Initiation helps in connecting one with the Universal energies.

it helps us in cleansing all negativities such as;ill-luck ,Sickness,diseases, etc

INITIATION will give you a blue print of your life, will tell you what you need to do to be successful, victorious over your enemies,

Olodumare (Universal God) made us understand that there are taboos(Eewo) which is a great barrier between us and achieving our goals in life.these are mysteries that are unknown to mortals and can only be revealed during initiation through the help of Orisa(guardian angel) generally referred to as deities.

initiation simply helps in attracting positive energies from the universe.

it hastens realizing of our beautiful dreams and aspirations in life.

Initiation activities

Who is Eligible for initiation?

*Everyone regardless of sex,skin,Age,language,tribe,colour,and Culture is eligible for initiation

*Everyone who is aware of his or her guardian angel and is ready to connect in Spirit with identified Orisa(deity).

Initiation activities

Charms and spiritual materials
Sango Shrine


*To cleanse off every negative energies

* To Connect with ones guardian angel

* To know more about knowledge of self

* knowledge of one’s Destiny and purpose in life

Initiation is simply the path to self knowledge and purpose in life and most importantly connecting to the future.

Initiation activities


*You can simply be initiated through the help of a babalawo(ifa priest)and Olorisa(custodian of the orisas).

For more enquiries Contact Chief priest Awolowo Ifatoki.

Initiation activities

Charms and spiritual materials

Charms and spiritual materials

Charms and spiritual materials

Charms and spiritual materials

Charms and spiritual materials
Pot of power and life

Charms and spiritual materials