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ooni of ife with ADE AARE


Olojo festival is an annual Culture festival to honoring and to pay homage to Ancestors of ile – ife and Yorubaland.

Olojo festival also known as the festival of life, celebrated in ile-ife  (controller of time-death )

Traditional chiefs and Royal families pay homage to the king in turns

All traditional devotees, priest and priestesses pay homage to the Royal majesty during the festival.

-As we known that ILE-IFE, is the symbol of authority as the source of mankind. The only place on earth where the day of creation, THE OLOJO FESTIVAL is commemorated.

Olojo festival implies the celebration of the first dawn, the first afternoon and the first night in creation.

Olojo festival commemorates the descendant of Oduduwa (the Ancestor of Yorubas ) to ile-ife.

The festival also celebrates Ogun (the patron of blacksmiths, who unlock the secrets of the earth and forge them into tools, he is also the father of modern science: the Yoruba deity of iron )

According to Yoruba cosmology informs that Ogun charted the way to earth for Oduduwa (the progenitor of the Yorubas) and other deities.

According to Yoruba history, the olojo ( the controller of Time -Death) festival is celebrated in remembrance of Ogun, the god of iron who believed to be the first son of Oduduwa as well as the creation of world. there is a strong relationship between the sacred crown and Ogun deity, the crown must be brought before the ogun deity at Oke  Mogun shrine during the annual olojo festival celebration in ile ife.

During this period of Olojo  festival ,offerings and elaborate ritual prayers led by the Ooni will be made to several deities of the land of Ife as well as the king of the land the OONIRISA will go into a state of seclusion (physical and spiritual communal with his ancestors, the esoteric beings and Almighty God) for five  sacred days during which he does not interact with mortals. The OONIRISA comes out of spiritual solitude on a Friday OJO ILAGUN that is a day on earth cleansing with OONIRISA terrestrial message to the world.

The festival therefore meant to commemorate the period Oduduwa and other deities descended on the earth.

                             THE SACRED CROWN OF ONI CALLED (AARE CROWN)

The earthly symbolic conviviality is usually on Saturday. the ojo OKEMOGUN which is the day that the OONIRIISA the king of ile -ife adorns the AARE -THESACRED BEADED CROWN.

The sacredness and authority of this beaded crown can be traced to the first king that ruled the whole world called NIMBROD by the Hebrew, LAMURUDU as known by the Yorubas or ARAMPHAEL as called by Arabs. He ruled the whole world with the power of the sun and fire and without recourse and respect for OLODUMARE the Supreme God.


In the procession that is the highlight of the OGUN festival  ,  the chief wears the sacred beaded crown as AARE .

The AARE crown is the powerful crown which the OONIRISA ; THE ROYAL MAJESTY OBA ADEYEYE OGUNWUSI ENITAN (THE OONI OF ILE-IFE) wears once in a year during the olojo festival’s cultural procession.

It is believed that the aare have been made from many sacred items, such as cutlasses, hoes and 149 (one hundred and forty-nine) other undisclosed objects that descended  from heaven for the formation of the sacred AARE CROWN.

According to ifa oral tradition, the crown believed to attract people and nature to itself when the ooni wears it .on this very olojo festival, people often troop out to behold the crown and on sighting the crown, they offer prayers because the presence of the sacred crown symbolizes peace, unity ,blessing and prosperity, even the nature around feels the presence of the sacred crown anytime it is out during OLOJO festival.

The crown supposed to be as heavy as the load that an average man can carry.

The crown symbolizes a living deity and therefore attracts many invisible spirits when it is brought out for the annual event

The people of ile-ife believes that the crown called AARE is so powerful and usually cause rain to fall on this day.

OLOJO festival also includes the following Cultural activities :

           Gbajure Cultural Carnival

           Cultural summit on festival theme

           Cultural Trade /Arts Exhibition, opening ceremony

           Festival Quiz Competition final

           Oonis football challenge final

          Ayo olopon Traditional Game

          Festival fashion show

          The Yoruba Cultural Entertainment Night

           Festival musical Concert

           Ojo ilagun,iwode ile-ife( Community cleansing

           OONIRISA Terrestial message to the world

           Olojo festival Ankara Carnival

           Ojo okemogun ,The AARE’S Cultural Procession

           Cultural Trade/Art Exhibition

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