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World Ifa Festival is a yearly festival being observed in accordance with Orunmila’s instructions that, the palm tree he left at Oke Itase should serve as a sacred place of worship for people every year to seek favour and also listen to Ifa promises for the year. Basically, Oke Itase 2018 is a world Ifa festival where numbers of Ifa devotees from different countries of the world. I.e Africa, Republic of Benin, U.S.A, Britain, Switzerland, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago etc.


Orunmila left Aye (Earth) for Ikole orun (heaven) however, so that he would not have to return, he left behind his spiritual self in the form of the sacred palm tree. This palm tree bears a nut which is traditionally called (Ikin Ifa). The palm tree is originally left at the heart of sacred temple of Oke itase which today people all over the world comes to worship every first Saturday of June.


On one hand, people troop in this place to pay homage to Orunmila Bara Agbonniregun (god of divinity) as one of Yoruba deities (Orisa). Also, People come to seek Orunmila’s guidance, protections, fortunes, blessings, favors, marital issues etc and to make offerings, thanksgiving for what Orunmila has done for them. People as well use this avenue to trace their roots.

On the other hand, this sacred place has been helpful to people on getting Orunmila’s messages for the year, warnings and taboos, insights, instructions among others through Ifa divination process (Idafa) being conducted by all the babalawos (Ifa priests) present from different part of the world. Various activities are being conducted during this Ifa festival such as; Ifa songs’ presentation by different choristers coming from different part of Yorubaland and the world at large.

Another Significant activity carried out at Oke itase is cultural display by priests and priestesses of other deities i.e Obatala, Sango, Ogun, Esu, Osun, Yemoja, Oya, Egbe etc. As we all know that, Ile Ife is the root of every human spirituality, other deities about 401 Orisas are present in Ile Ife. Many of these aforementioned Orisas are present at Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Enitan ojaja II palace. Such as: Esu (god of justice), Ogun (god of irons) as well as Moremi statue. Yoruba traditional Elders also contributed immensely to the activities. One of the elders present is Araba Agbaye (The permanent chairman of the council for Ifa religion). The program also featured some other obas (kings) from Yorubaland as well as numbers of Yoruba Nollywood actors and actress who have so much belief in Orisa spirituality and the sacred place of Orunmila.


The Odu Ifa for the year is IRETE-IKA also called ATEKA i.e IRETE on the right and IKA on the left. Ifa priests from different parts of Yorubaland made contributions according to their knowledge through recitation of this Odu Ifa that Orunmila reveals. The Orunmila reveals as follow;

 * Orunmila reveals IRE AYA (the orisa devotees will be blessed with spouse) and all the devotees should offer sacrifice to make the fortune to be accomplished

 * Orunmila reveals prosperity for all the devotees

* Orunmila declares this year diseases free for all the devotees

* He also said says with patience we all enjoy the goodness of life

* Orunmila declares Abundance wealth for all

* Orunmila instructs us to make offering to god of wealth (ORISA AJE)

* He said we should make offering to god of crossroads (ESU ODARA) to make all of our offerings of this year to be accepted

* Orunmila says we should offer Sacrifice to Great witches (IYAMI) for strong protection from them

* Orunmila says whenever we do reading we should always ask for Iyami’s portion

 * Orunmila says we should let white appears in our dressing and we should be using white rapper to cover our body before we sleep

* Orunmila says we will be highly favoured and honored in all areas of our lives

 * Orunmila warned that, we should not betray ourselves or be ungrateful to ourselves

* We should love one another,we should be our brothers keeper

* Orunmila says we shouldn’t be an ingrate to our helpers

* Orunmila says we should take care of Ifa or Orisa apprentices very well but we should not reveal our entire secret to them

* Orunmila says each king (oba) from Yoruba should make proper offerings to the Ancestors of their lands

*Orunmila says the children given birth to this year should be named “OLAMIDE” Also, Orunmila reveals that all our angel guardians promised not to leave us but we must be making sacrifices to them time to time. Our entire angel guardian (Orisa) says the will retrieve all our lost properties and fortunes.


Finally, OKE ITASE is a perfect tourism Center and inquiries about African deities (Orisa) on Ancestors spirituality in Africa, as well as tracing history of African culture and tradition. The most undeniable belief according to Yoruba mythology is that, Ile-Ife is the Cradle of the Yorubas, the city of spiritual seat of the Yorubas where the dawn of the day was first experienced, the source, the head of the whole Universe, the home of divinities. May we witness the coming year in good health, fortune and longevity. ASE

For more enquiries or to book for coming festival, Contact Chief Priest Awolowo Ifatoki

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12 thoughts to “WORLD IFA FESTIVAL (OKE-ITASE) 2018/2019”

  1. I’m very happy. I’ve had spiritual help with my life, all thing’s in my life are going amazingly well.. I’ve been with priest Awolow damilare.. for years now he’s super amazing, honest, truly one of the best priest in Nigeria!! 💕💜

  2. I would advise you to put together a calendar of IFA festivals coming towards the end of the year and all of next year. This will give folks enough time to plan a visit. Thank you for always providing us with great information.

  3. Priest Awolowo Oranmiyan Ifatooki is my adopted son, whom I am very proud of as he has stayed true to his calling and working wonders through the grace of the Orishas. He has advised me through some very dark moments showing me a light at the end of the tunnel. Blessed Beloved I am very proud of you and pray that Oludumare will continue to bless open and light your way continually with lots of love and propsperityso that you can help many more people(So it is). For all those who continue to workn and worship with the Orishas may peace blessings and abundance continually be your companions. Blessings and much love.

  4. I really enjoyed the world ifa festival ‘cos I was there with Priest Awolowo Fatoki and I really enjoyed myself I can’t wait for the next coming world ifa festival… And Priest Awolowo is such an amazing and trustworthy person who has really helped many people through the supernatural gift that Olodumare has blessed him with…. I’m advising you too to contact him for any spiritual assistance, spiritual reading, initiation, tourism etc…. May Olodumare bless you and never let you down. Ase

  5. Thank you for always sharing beloved Priest. I am truly excited about the blessings to come! Asé to you Ifa Oracle! Please keep up the powerful work for you are indeed blessed and favored by Olodumare! Ase’ooo!!

  6. Ase! Ache! Axe!
    Wow this reading has tied in some important things for me. I always ask what I can do to be more acknowledging of the Orisa. The knowing that the Orisa and Ancestors are standing strong behind in order to assist us in gaining what we have lost is so very important to US. I am so grateful and honored.

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