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A festival to bring together black people from all over the world.
Africa is proud of this festival and the entire human race is indeed proud of African Drum festival.
All the traditional rulers and OBA’S(KINGS) like ;Ooni of ife,Alaafin of Oyo,Alake of Egbaland,Awujale of ijebuland, were present.
The festival included Twenty states in the federation and fourteen foreign countries including Haiti,Cuba,Trinidad and Tobago,Jamaica. etc
Drum festival is enough for us to reminisce about for a long time to come,not only to derive pleasure but to acquiring knowledge about other people’s Culture and tradition.
The African Drum FESTIVAL is also our own way of promoting and preserving the African Culture.
Also,this festival is organised to promote the Art and Act of traditional druming as well as to know how we could identify our Drums.
In African Culture and tradition,Drum is important and meaningful.even our Royal father’s who are the custodians of our Culture and tradition take drum essential because Drum festival is the way to learn about Drum and the potentials that can be derived from it.
The drum has 17 foot embodies the Cultural heritage of the people and unifies our diversity.

2)BATA DRUM. BATA is relatively set of three tapered cylinders of various sizes,which is used during Sango (the god of thunder) festival,initiation ceremonies and offering and invocations
The set of drum is also used when Sango worshipers want to dance and perform magic.
Bata Drum is Spiritual in such that when it’s being played to appease Sango,alot of miracle happens,during this period sango could be releasing fire through his mouth,performing an acrobat .

3)AGOGO;Agogo is a single or multiple bells used throughout the world but with origins in traditional Yoruba music.
In Orisa spirituality,agogo is commonly used during ifa festivals,offerings,initiation ceremonies etc because is one of the Ifa favourite instruments.
Agogo is also used during the rituals and appeasement of gods .
It’s also serve as the tool in passing information,instructions or warnings to the members of the populace or community. It is commonly used to disseminate information coming directly from the traditional rulers or OBA’S(KINGS) through the ONISE OBA’S (king’s messengers).

4) SEKERE;Sekere is a west African percussion instrument consisting of gourd with OWO EYO (cowry shells)woven into a net.
Traditionally,Sekere is an instrument mostly dances by OBA’S (KINGS) it’s seen in the Yoruba expression” Sekere loba njo” which means Sekere,a favourite instrument the kings dance).
In Oyo Empire,Sekere is a major musical instrument that Alaafins(Kings lineage) dances.and the players are known as the song’s leaders.its a common belief in Yoruba language that”Sekere ki bawon re ode ibanuje” means Sekere would not be played where they are mourning.its only played where people are happy.
The Oyo Empire kings over time dances to the tune of Sekere more than other music instruments.
The Sekere players are quite seasoned and knowledgeable of the Yoruba traditional ,lineage praise,historical and entertainment chants.

Specifically,the present Alaafin of Oyo (OBA LAMIDI OLAYIWOLA III,The grand custodian of the Yoruba Culture) does dance to all kinds of drum but the SEKERE is his favourite as captured in the pictures below.

THE DJEMBE( aka Jim-bay) is the most popular African hand drum in the world.djembe has its Spiritual aspect in its sounds and Comunity gathering aspect in the learning and playing of its traditional music,thus drum has a large tonal range for a single,fairly simple made drum,and this lends itself well to many different situations. The DJEMBE came into being in west Africa.and is considered a Mandingo drum .it crossed over into a wide area of West Africa before moving outside of the Continent.
Some main tradition west Africa instrumentation played along with the DJEMBE is doundouns(bass drums)and balafon (Marimba/xylophone).

For more information Contact Priest Awolowo Ifatoki

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